The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

Berhills Farm

Six months on from the last shot of this stretch of the Marden, showing the old weir. I believe there is a local name for this spot but if I ever knew what it is, I have forgotten it. This was taken one bright, clear, cool Sunday morning on my way in to Calne by the back route.

(I am working through a photo card box labelled 'Calne 1988-1998' - 95% of the pictures I took during this period were NOT of Calne!)

(Taken with a Pentax ME, on Konica Super XG100 print film, scanned on a printer-copier-scanner from a BonusPrint 6x4 print)


Berhills Farm series
River series
River Marden series

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