By seizetheday


One of those days where time disappears before you've had a chance to do half the things you wanted to do! That's how it seemed, at least.

No stripping of wallpaper, but I did make a big pot of lentil soup, most of which is in the freezer for future consumption.

Louise D and her friend Jake arrived late afternoon, to drop off her guitar for adjustment. Their dog, Luna, seemed to enjoy looking out of the window watching other dogs go by.

As from midnight we are under increased Coronavirus measures. Hardly any notice - Matt Hancock made the announcement just before mid-day. Somewhat unexpected, as the infection rates in Northumberland are much lower than elsewhere. I wouldn't mind so much if the measures were rather more logical and aimed at reducing virus transmission effectively. I can't sit in a friend's garden for a socially distanced chat, or socialise with anyone from another household, but I could go to the pub where people from other households could be sitting at the next table. I can still go on holiday - abroad even - with members of my household, and tourists are still encouraged to come to Northumberland. In fact I could do quite a lot, as long as it involves exchange of money...

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