By wingpig


Although my parents are coincidentally in town at the moment, my mum didn't physically go to her cousin's funeral, given the risks. I had this up behind my work window but with the sound off as I had meetings most of the morning, but the service will be viewable online for a month. Sheila was the eldest of my gran's sister's kids, living with her and her youngest brother for as long as I was aware of them; my sister and I always referred to them as their group of three. We apparently visited them up here once when I was very small, from which my very vague memory of various bits of Edinburgh must have come before I came back up here for a visit and then for good. My great-auntie died a few months after I moved up here, but I couldn't make it to her funeral due to exams. The first time I popped over to visit them I had to lug my flatmate's extremely heavy mountain bike all the way to Oxgangs as I'd caught a puncture earlier in the day. They were quite difficult to arrange visits with, especially if trying to do so I'm conjunction with my parents or sister visiting, as they spent most of their free.time away in their caravan. They made it across to our wedding, down to my sisters, presumably to my cousin's and have regularly asked after our children, though unfortunately couldn't make it to Beecraigs the other year when my wee cousin, uncle, sister and parents and descendants assembled the current end of the line of the branch of the auntie to whom Sheila was a bridesmaid, back in the day.

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