All part of the story

By Treshnish

At the end of the day

It's the end of the day.  It has been a long one and we are both exhausted!  But it has been the most beautiful day, I don't think the weather could have been more wonderful.  

I am aware my perception is heightened by the despair of the situation for those experiencing choking skies on the west coast of the USA. 

Changeover Friday, so S and I did Studio.  It seemed to take a long time today, but we did stop for a peaceful cup of tea in the garden before we started.

As I sat on a bench gazing at the unruly hedge with vibrant pink roses and bright orange hips beneath the bluest of skies, I want to remember the rich feeling of sunshine in my bones; the absolute quiet of the warm still air broken by the noisy chatter of a Sparrow in the hedge behind me; the creamy silky blueness of a becalmed sea and the deep sense of bright light beyond the old stone wall; the muffled buzz of a bee deep in a Rosa rogusa flower, and the slow rhythmic pecking of a little red hen in the grass at my feet.  

The Baler arrived while we were having lunch and then GR arrived with the trailer.  After we finished Studio S went off to cart bales to the trailer in the field.  This year they were going to wrap the bales at home rather than here.    

It was good that they were able to make the silage in good weather. It is sad that we cannot make it ourselves any more for our own animals, but it is not economic for us to invest in all that kit just for the few acres we make each year.  This arrangement helps us fulfil our environmental scheme and provides the Mull Cheese dairy cows with some herb rich Coronation Meadow grass. 

I flew over the field but by the time I got there, the baler had finished baling and it was only S left, carting.   The cows had found their way off the Point so we walked together to close the gate and detoured onto the Point to look at the view on our way back to the tractor.

BR arrived after sunset to collect another trailer load of bales.  The two farmers stood a while chatting in the twilight.  

In other news, I uploaded my PfCO renewal to the CAA 4 days before the deadline. Such efficiency.

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