By janescanlan

Out walking

I spent many hours today dealing with issues with both my oven repair (still not working) and BT Sport (no access to the apps - crucial for watching football when I have to be in the office).
Nothing resolved. 
A third repair appointment booked and another call to customer services at BT tomorrow because I can't bear anymore today.
I went out for a very long walk afterwards. Sunny and breezy.
I attempted to pop into two grocery shops on the way back. Not a single person, neither customers not staff, were wearing masks so I didn't bother going in.
A now it looks like a new lockdown will be upon us before we know it. Hardly surprising considering the utter lack of leadership and the utter wilfully inconsiderate behaviour of so much of the public.

PS - Noel Gallagher and Van Morrison are both complete arses.

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