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The ................

 ............ pond and rockery renovation begins.

Very embarrassingly weedy on the left (but it is what it is and we've had medical "issues" for a while now) but I've been a-digging and a-weeding and, looking at the right side of my photo, it's a good start.

Bigger thistles ... :o((

The pond and rockery together is about 33 x 15 feet (10 x 4.7 mtrs) with the surface area of the water about 15 x 7 feet (4.6 x 2.2 mtrs) - and the water is around four feet (1.25 mtr) at its deepest.
A lot of digging/weeding, a lot of pulling out of overgrown water plants (irises, lilies and grasses) to come and I know there will be a lot of smelly sludge at the bottom of the pond.  Ugh!

Smile for the Day:

A hospital is a place where, at three in the morning, they wake you up to give you a sleeping pill!


~ Anni ~

Backblipped on the 19th for 14 September 2020  -  the last gap filled - hooray!!!!!

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