By DonnaWanna

Silly Saturday - Oxalis Face

The Yellow Oxalis are everywhere you look at the moment and I loved this silly little face that appeared ;o)

Another couple of silly moments in extras with a couple of Kookaburras looking tough but being bombarded by a couple of smaller birds who were obviously defending their territory. The Kookas wouldn't budge and these two little birds wouldn’t either, they kept on screeching and then dive bombing them over and over and actually hitting them on the head but to no avail!! 

Have had a big Saturday as usual, finished up at Julians for dinner and then had to drive home through the rain, strong wind and then hail!! Ugh not good driving conditions at all.  Glad to be home and safe and sound!

Another big day tomorrow so will probably catch up tomorrow night. Happy Sunday everyone ;o)x

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