A Postcard from Weybourne

This morning H and I went for a long walk through the woods from Sheringham Park down  to Weybourne and around and back up the hill. It's been another beautiful warm and sunny day, so this afternoon I sat in the garden reading the paper. 

Day 188 / Full Day 180 of Lockdown / Day 6 of Rule of Six (for my record only)
UK deaths up 27 to 41,759 (revised basis), with new daily cases up by 4,422 and 1,081 patients in hospital. Spain, Greece, Denmark and France have imposed more measures in their virus hotspots. In Bolton it's reported that a man did not quarantine after returning from a holiday abroad, but instead went on a pub crawl with mates, tested positive 2 days after returning and this led to a large number of transmissons from that one person. SAGE has said that only 6% of the UK population had antibodies at the start of Sept and that the level of antibodies wanes over 2-3 months. I wonder what has happened to the WHO study about whether the current strain of virus is as deadly as that in the first wave? 

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