Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Estuary Mud

Don't you love it when you do a shop and just as you're going through the checkout you remember that your wallet is still at home. No matter what about that ApplePay you set up on your phone? Ah, yes, you couldn't be ars bothered to verify it with the bank!

Fortunately it's only a couple of miles back home and there's only so much swearing you can do in that short distance. I'd intended finding a blip on my way back but by then I thought I'd just stop by the river. There's a little pull in and a path that leads under the railway line. The tide was very low revealing a huge expanse of mud. There's a line of brick and rubble that provides a walkway out across the mud so I walked a little way out for a better viewpoint. 

It's all very brown and muddy so I thought a mono conversion might do it good.

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