With a bit of fartnarkling

I looked across the valley this evening & spotted these two white horses. With a bit of jiggery pookery they could be made to appear as one but I'm not clued up in that dept so it is what it is, not what it could be. "On white horses, let me ride away" ...  Anyone watch/remember The White Horses tv series back in 1965?.  I know it's going back a while but I was really into horseriding back then so it was right up my street.
It was a tad fresh this morning so donned a jumper when Jorgie & I set off on our walk this morning, we had'nt gone far when I met a friend heading off on horseback. She headed off in the opposite direction to us. I was taking a new route thinking I could make a loop, I got so far then thought I might ask someone if it was possible. Abracadabra! a farmer was just getting out of his vehicle so I asked if it was possible. Basically, no., so we turned around & headed back along the country lane, bumping into Gilly once again. We stopped in the lane, had a good chat & caught up, then she headed off & we headed back to base. Loads of blackberries in the hedgerow. It's a bumper year for fruit in general. I headed to the allotment, picked all the tomatoes, pulled up the plants, many of the fruits still green but the plants have blight, so they had to go. I bagged up all the plants etc. to burn later. I lifted the last of my spuds, a variety called Charlotte. They were a success :-) I dunged that bed leaving it in from the edges as I'm sure the birds will be raking through it for grubs & worms. I picked more courgettes, Patty Pan squash, raspberries, corn on the cob, & TURNIPS. They're not supposed to be ready yet!!! I pulled two, larger than tennis balls. ARGH!! I don't want turnips now, I want them in the Winter. Bit like the Brussel sprouts last week .. I want them at Xmas not September. They made a tasty bubble n squeak though. Got to have sprouts in a b n ' s. Tiz all in the lap of the gods ..... I harvested more marigold seed, sorted the runner bean pods that have been drying in the sun. Moved the dried runner bean plants up into the middle of the hedge. Not a good day for a bonfire, a bit windy, & they've forecast rain later in the week so today was a good time to move them. Next stop, the Coop, quick & painless today. No queue ... I bought lots of sugar, vinegar, & spices .. Chutneys' got be better for you than cake .. lol!!
Dropped in on hubby for lunch, checked what he was up to. He's fixing the guttering on the garage, to catch the rainwater. Result!!
Back to base. Jorgie & I went walkabout, then I watered some of the garden. No rain today, although I did feel a few spots up on the plot. Had a video chat catch up with Jorgiesmum, & dad as they sat on the bank of Loch ?, a beautiful sunset backdrop on the island of Mull.
Easy dinner tonight  another corn on the cob in it's many leafy layers cooked in the microwave. Result! With the remaining stuffed pepper & tomatoes.
I watched 2 episodes of  Channel 5's Our Yorkshire Farm, so refreshing to see kids outside in the fresh air playing, looking contented & happy. How lucky they are.

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