By Philiphoto

'Breathe in Dear'...

...' I am breathing in!'

...' a bit more...'

We arrived early in the grounds of Harewood House for a pleasant Sunday walk. 

We had no idea there would be so many people already there - many dressed up for a Steampunk gathering. That made for a rather different hunt for blip subjects. 

This was taken minutes after we arrived.

The problems started when I uploaded today's photos to Lightroom and was faced with a decision about yet another upgrade to LR. I foolishly agreed and let the system deal with the upgrade.

2 hours later and there are still no photos in my LR catalogue. I really wish they would stop upgrades and tweaks to the program. I will no doubt have to start to sort it tomorrow.

I had already cleared the memory card so had to spend a considerable amount of time searching for the back-up files on the PC. Finally found the shot I was going to use. 

Nightmares will follow! Blippers who use LrC should hold off upgrading until they get the thing working properly. That's what I should have done.

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