Desperately seeking

By clickychick


I realise that since last Monday I've been nervous about being outside, prefering to sit inside than enjoy my sunny patio. We had to go to the lodge today to do some gardening and I was reluctant to go near the area with the ants. I still bear the scars of their bites from 3 weeks ago. Even a self seeded rose grabbed me and drew blood!

I needed to make a my attitude. I had fought the wild rose to claim back the pot it was in. I needed it for this ice plant, Sedum spectabile. I rescued the plants from #" Daughter's garden along with a peony. I saw the bees on it and, feeling brave, went in close even though there were about 6 of them.

It seems the sedum is bomb proof, as long as I place it somewhere sunny. Wish me luck!

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