Hector's House

By MisterPrime


Beck and I went up to Newcastle to drop off Katie's stuff, have a wander round Jesmond and eat far too much in the Caffe 1901 (brunch and then cake, we should really have restricted ourselves to one or the other...) Then we headed for Warkworth, in Northumberland, where we were spending the evening, via the beach at Newbiggin - a place chosen fairly randomly because Beck found a picture of it's statue 'The Couple' and we thought it looked intriguing ("Certainly no longer as divisive as it was", says the Town's Mayor, apparently.) It's certainly a lovely beachfront for a stroll, with a dramatic churchyard on the headland at one end. At Warkworth we had another coastal stroll and a poke round the castle and then drove to Amble to eat chips on the Marina...

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