By CyclopsJnr

Virtual coffee morning

CyclopsJnr's school usually holds a Macmillan Coffee Morning but Covid has got in the way this year. But they are still having a fundraiser. The kids can wear something green on Friday and there is a virtual coffee morning where the kids have a cake at home with their family and send in a photo for a special collage.

I explained this to CyclopsJnr and he was keen to make the cakes himself, so we made green ones in honour of the theme. Here's our photo.

The other excitement of the day was Bakugan related.  You'll recall CyclopsJnr had used his own money to order a Bakugan starter pack (three toys) but they'd only sent one toy due to an error on their website.  Well first the supplier said we had to return it and they would give us a refund, but following a moderately worded letter we have ended up with the original incorrect toy AND a starter pack all for the original cost.  Wow, better than anticipated.  I really just wanted the toy we'd ordered.  So the starter pack came today and now CyclopsJnr has FOUR Bakugans and he is thrilled.

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