By spannarama

Grumpy crow

...I don't think it was grumpy really - just had that look about it the way it was all hunkered down and fluffed up.

Knackered today, and still feeling sad; found it a bit hard to care about work this morning, but I got back into it after a while.  Contacted another former colleague today to let her know about T - kept thinking of other people I should tell, too.  Will do that tomorrow.

Sent an email to our chief exec this evening about the restructuring proposals, standing up for my colleague who's being made redundant.  I don't suppose it'll do any good, but I'm glad I've done it anyway.

Finished up work shortly after 5:30pm and went for a walk to the pond with Tim.  Lovely light this evening - good to make the most of it before it goes away soon....  Back home for stir fry and salmon, and a chilled out evening.

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