By Marik_i


I suffer from dizziness. Yet the doctors do not pay any attention to my complaints. Everything, and dizziness in particular,  can be explained by high age. :-/

I haven't had any exercise during these over six months of lockdown. I have not taken any walks. Last night I decided to start using the good "better than rollator" Veloped I bought when I broke my leg nine years ago. I hauled it in from the storage, and decided to pump air into the tyres without any help, as there is no help available!

I made it. The tyres are now nice and hard. I even put batteries onto the flashlight in front. I still have to get batteries for the rear lights that can be seen in the picture of January 2013 six years ago.

I took a short walk tonight, and will continue walking daily from now on. :-)

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