By MidgeholeDave

What To Do ......

A friend of mine brought me a large cardboard box full of photographs and drawings of machines made by John Pickles Engineers, Hebden Bridge. They were a well known and highly regarded engineering company - founded in 1862 - closed in 1971.  Because of my connection with the Pennine Horizons Digital Archive he thought I would be interested in them.
Looking through the box (there are hundreds of images) I was way out of my depth.  I know nothing whatsoever of such machines.  Using Google I found a wealth of information - see this example - on such items.  Almost a sub-culture :-)  I'm now even more out of my depth than before.  
The Archive (PHDA) is more for buildings, events, people, places etc.  I'm not sure how hundreds of photographs of woodworking machinery will fit in.
I'm not sure what to do next .... :-)

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