Euclidium Space Continuum

By Mobius

In Order That.. network speaker looks much better I gave it it's first ever clean (approx 6 years ago). I tentatively used washing up liquid on a damp microfibre cloth and it's transformed the fabric grill which had multiple fat stains on it as well as general grime.

Heos definitions incude "until" the Blip title, "High Earth Orbit Satellite" & "Home Entertainment Operating System" (probably why the product is so named).

"Though she be but little she is fierce" was selected by by wife and can describe her sometimes! The Heos is big but fierce I would say as it has a good bass and has been used by my son for numerous parties. That said I preferred the warmer sound to that of Sonos when auditioning prior to purchase. The placing of both items in our kitchen is as my wife wishes. NB that does not apply to my main hifi!

My son recently took the UCAT test, which is used by most universities to measure students practical professional thinking and an IQ type ability prior to applying for offers for dentistry and medicine. Am very pleased for him that following much preparion this summer he gained the top Band 1 for practical thinking and was in the top 20% for IQ type test.

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