A moment in time

By Skyegirl

The District Council have restarted Uploads in our area, and today they uplifted our old mattress, very good service, and we now have the garage emptied of all the bits and pieces collected over lockdown.

It has turned quite cold today, and very windy.  We had a rather frustrating visit to 'that Swedish store'.....we had arranged to meet C and K there early evening, have a meal and then do some shopping, as we all had things we wanted from there.

However, while on the way we received a call from C to say that the cafe was only available for for pre-bookings (which we had not done) and that they had no bookings left.  So there we were, rather hungry but not able to eat..... the girls realised that the snack bar at the check out was doing hot dogs, so they had one to ease the hunger pangs while waiting for us to arrive.  

So we decided that C and I would shop while the HG went with K for a hot dog (he can't go long without food!!!), and so we were quite quick, and headed home for a fish supper.  

The point of all this is that I have no blip, and when I realised this I was too late to take anything, so I looked into my archives and have uploaded a sunset taken from Oban of the Firth of Lorne...... it was the most beautiful sunset and well worth showing......

Will try to do better.....

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