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By rsdphotography

Angel's Landing

The hike to Angel's Landing is extremely popular in Zion National Park. It covers two and a half miles, with a 1,400 feet elevation gain, and ends at a spectacular viewpoint.The trail is paved almost the entire way which also tends to bring out the crowds. I have only read about the great view at the top because due to Covid-19 and the need to use chains to keep from falling off the mountain the trail is presently closed at Scout's Landing, which is where my daughter and I headed early this morning. Scout's is only two miles and a measly 1,000 foot climb. When we arrived we saw all these idiot tourists ignoring the very obvious sign and proceeding up the trail regardless. My only hope is the two rangers we passed heading up the trail as we descended were going to issue tickets to these thoughtless people who by ignoring the rules are jeopardizing our access to even a part of this iconic place.

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