We’re used to seeing the Queen’s picture on our postage stamps but this is not the usual Queen!

It’s on an anniversary card which is being sent to friends in Wales who were married on the same day as us - 23rd September 1989.
She’s more organised than me. Their card to us arrived a couple of days ago.
Theirs is being sent first class so hopefully it will arrive next day as it should and therefore on time.

The reason I tell you this is that she’s a fellow blipper. So, if her card doesn’t arrive on the right day, at least she knows it’s on it’s way!

....and on the subject of weddings, just as we were all planning for youngest’s wedding in November, now the number legally allowed to attend has today been slashed to 15.
Our poor lovely little girlie and our lovely soon-to-be-son-in-law are trying to get their heads round it all again.
Not been a great day.
But we pray and both their families will make it a special day for them.

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