By dunkyc


The workload is increasing.

I wonder if businesses are trying to get as much done as they possibly can before the government’s next wave of restrictions?

It’s such an unmitigated mess. Stay in. Don’t stay in, the economy is suffering, here’s some pocket money to eat out. Don’t eat out! What are you doing?! You’re spreading the disease about! Work from home if you can….and so on and so on.

Fair enough that some adjustments need to be made, but if you’re trying to stop people mixing after a few pints, closing the pubs at 10pm is probably not going to cut it as the great British public will surely simply get hammered a couple of hours earlier and go on to make the same mistakes?! That said, I offer no alternative solution. My gut feeling being a characteristic all-or-nothing at all type approach either shut it down or open it all up.

The paragraph above serving no purpose whatsoever beyond illustrating why the government haven’t called on me for my scientific opinion!

On a positive note, Bake-Off is back on and like millions of others, I sat entranced watching other people make cakes that I will never eat, touch or smell. How the show is such compulsive viewing is beyond me, but lots of us lap it up and it was nice to watch it in good company as well as scoffing a delicious apple turnover!

As for the photo, you may say last minute blip, but I say it’s art….

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