Plus ça change...

By SooB

Beautiful fruit

I am so behind with blip. But don’t feel left out! I am so behind on everything!

Today work ended when I could no longer type words (let alone sentences!) Normally I love my mix of work: some mundane stuff to relax with and some hard stuff to challenge me. But just now it is all hard and there’s too much of it. In reality, today’s work stopped when my eye was twitching so much it made me feel like a migraine was coming.

So I switched tasks (at 6.30pm) and chopped up a gazillion tomatoes for the freezer. And Mr B cooked up some top-notch burgers for dinner. Later I may take out my frustration at a ‘disingenuous’ West Coast lawyer by ripping 80s fabric off the walls. (That story - the fabric, not the West Coast lawyer is hiding in a backblip.)

Here is one of the tomatoes - on the outside they are blush and yellow, and on the inside these ice cream colours. This is a time of year when it is hard to keep on top of garden production. I resolve that next year I will plant fewer tomatoes. Where have I heard that before?

In good news, the gardener did a fabulous morning’s work, moving and splitting a bunch of pampas grass to make a hedge so my (nice) neighbour doesn’t have to look at my soon-to-be-built poly tunnel. I don’t care if the idiot neighbours on the other side are offended by it.

And it turns out that brown hen can fly clear over our 2 metre fence. I’m not a fan of wing-clipping, but I need to find a way to keep her in (and safe).

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