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King’s Caves

After several days of splendid hiking, we both felt another hill might be a step too far, and settled instead for a marvellous coastal walk on the other, western side of the island. The day was perfect - but very definitely autumnal. As we drove over the String Road in mid-morning the car thermometer said it was 10c despite the bright sunshine, and I wore an extra couple of layers to set off.

King’s Cave is one of a system of dramatic seaside caves under the raised beach to the north of Blackwaterfoot. Legend has it the the biggest is THE cave where Robert the Bruce observed the inspirational spider... Whether there’s any truth in that or not, they’re most impressive, and the walk along a path beside the shore is lovely.

Despite the minor tragedy of the sandwiches left in the car, it was a perfect day, ending with a rockily scrambling detour under the towering cliffs. We saw a kestrel doing its thing, and a row of black birds - cormorants? Shags? - lined up on a rock.

Somehow we have to pack and get off tomorrow morning, but right now ... sleep ...

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