By FrauPic

Rose tree

Indian summer rhododendron bloom. Today is probably the last day of this lovely warm Indian summer spell -a Northern is already blowing in. I had planned a 60 km cycling tour (30 km each way) to Hasbruch for today but didn't feel up to such a long distance. So I was thinking I'd take a train back and half it. By noon I was packed and ready but the first étape along Osterdeich made me doubt myself. I was still feeling a bit knackered from the last few days' activities and the wind strongly blew against me. So change of plan - went shopping for paper and glue etc, to pimp up my new mirror, spending the rest of the day happily pottering about. There will be another couple of sunny days next weekend, weather forecast says - I'll probably cycle to Hasbruch then.
Blipped this in moat park where I went fort a short round.

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