By ilkkavalkila


I started the day by planting about 200 spruce seedlings every morning this week, plus about 100 yesterday evening and 90 last Friday morning. We fetched them a week ago and it was recommended that they are planted quickly. Couldn't do it any quicker than this. Now I can only hope they grow well. The first time I have planted trees this late, but it should be alright.

Lauri started his matriculation exams today with philosophy. It went well. The rest of his exams will be in the spring.

Jussi passed the theory test for his moped license today. Now he has to take three driving lessons and the driving test will be next month. He also has to pass a separate theory test for tractor license.

And one ending: I returned the combine today between the planting and taking Jussi to the test.

Supposed to be a rainy day. It was somewhere not far, but we got just a fraction of a millimetre of rain.

Backblipped yesterday.

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