By Veronica

Work in progress

Now that V's "artwork" has been obliterated/replastered we have been gradually rearranging the room that used to be our office till we retired. We threw out enough files to get rid of some ugly shelves, and S rehung the wardrobe doors that had gone wonky and been removed more years ago than I care to remember. We moved the furniture around and got rid of a filing cupboard. The broken aircon was replaced. It's quite a pleasant place to sit now.

Sp we pulled out the reserve art collection that we hadn't found space for and started to rehang it, along with some photos that I hadn't got round to framing. It isn't finished yet, but it's coming along.

In the evening, we went to the cinema indoors! First time since before lockdown. It was a Guatemalan film being shown in our village hall, and there were only about 30 of us in a very large space. The film was Nuestras Madres, a first film based on fact, which deservedly won prizes at Cannes and a couple of other festivals. It's about the aftermath of the long Guatemalan civil war, with the hero a young anthropologist involved in the exhumation and identification of bodies from mass graves. A simple drama, powerfully filmed; there's a beautiful documentary sequence where Ernesto goes to a village where there is reportedly a mass grave and all of the women turn up and ask to be interviewed. Instead of seeing the interviews, you simply get a series of portraits which say more than words.

Sadly the official release date was in April, so thanks to Covid it didn't happen and went straight to DVD. But I recommend it anyway, it was so well done. Although one of the IMDB reviews justifiably said that the title should really have been Mi Padre, since the mothers did not take centre stage.

One of the producers was there to talk to us about the film, but unfortunately as she was talking quite quietly and wearing a mask, I didn't catch half of what she said.

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