Abstract Thursday: Light & Shadows

This week's AT theme from Ingeborg is "Light and Shadows".

Well, by chance I'd signed up at last weekend's Virtual Photography Show for a free Zoom workshop run this morning by David Smith of Olympus, on the use of the Live Composite function on Olympus cameras*. So that inspired me to have a go at abstract light painting using that useful function. (Previously I'd only used it for fireworks shots.)

So this is a light painting, producing light and shadows, done with a little torch on a string like a pendulum, illuminating a sheet of bubble wrap. I set it swinging then gave it a nudge every few seconds to alter its trajectory. I thought it looked rather as if a kitten had got hold of some sparkly wool and played with it! The photo is straight out of camera with minimal brightness tweaks.

Thanks as always to Ingeborg for hosting AT.

(*Other makes of camera are available but may not have this function; it could be done in Photoshop using multiple exposures, but not nearly so easily.)

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