Kendall is here

By kendallishere

The bliss of a blue sky

I woke at 6 and worked straight through the day, generating content for the social media accounts created to publicize our movie: Instagram and Facebook. In order for it to work, to let the world know the movie is there, others have to "share" it, "Like" it, and pass it on. It's a whole new way to do things, and it's quite outside the whole capitalistic model for making and selling art. Everyone donated their labor. It will be available to everyone who has a computer for free. That aspect of it is exciting.

I feel a little nervous, as I haven't seen it myself and I don't know what I'm advertising, but I know the script is excellent and some of the actors are very good. I didn't see their final performances, and I haven't seen what the editors have made of it, but I am hoping for the best. Two blip friends have shared the Facebook page on their Facebook pages already, so that's us, making our leaps of faith together. Thank you.

I quit working at 6pm and took a walk around the neighborhood, loving the blue sky and the fresh air. Then I had two Zoom calls. I can't do another minute on a screen, so sorry, no commenting tonight.

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