A helping hand

This morning I went into Oswestry to do shopping from the outdoor market, bread shop and the wholefood shop - all independent traders.  We're lucky having so many small traders in town and I do like to support them.

We have a very good independent bookshop called Booka and until this crisis have had talks from authors, book groups and a cafe as well as selling books.  They always have good window displays and I saw the owners putting up a transfer for a display advertising Bookshop Week and then went to the back of the window to paint the design.  I will hopefuly blip the finished window at some point.  I liked the extra hands!

Afterwards I went back to the Racecourse to look for my lost lens hood but didn't find it.  Yesterday's keys and mask were still there so I hope that someone's not still on the doorstep!

It has been a very windy day and the Racecourse is on top of a hill so it was blowing a gale.  I did yesterday's walk the other way round or rather was blown around it!

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