By Ronniebofa

Gifts incentivise me to get back on the weight los

HighlandGem yesterday, today’s unexpective gift was a set of tea towels-?not sure whO sent them but unlike Gemma they don’t seem to know my new kitchen has a dishwasher! Yes I used to use them a lot with all the cooking I did and I still find it easier to wash up as I use dishes rather than wait till I have a full load for the dishwasher. These gifts got me thinking: since returning home I have not been cooking much and my vegetable loaded low white carb diet has taken a back seat. With all the treats I have been consuming the diversion from my normal diet woul likely have a detrimental effect on my weigh- this I could not allow so it was up to the allotment to harvest veg for tonight’s evening meal: cauliflower z, broccoli and kale couscous with French beans sprouting broccoli,beetroot and tomato with slow cooker minced beef and onions. This was followed by freshly picked raspberries with Greek yogurt.

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