Thanks to Happyme’s post the other day I ordered some beebombs.

I have left them in mum’s capable hands as me and gardening are a hopeless combo. We are hoping they will sprout and hide a bit of the new ugly fencing and also give a splash of colour at the end of the garden. I may have bought too many, looking at the square foot coverage it mentions, but never mind we will just give it a whirl.

Leo had goalie training with the new coach again and enjoyed it despite ripping the knees of his under armour and cutting his knee - occupational goalie hazard!  I was glad I had taken a jacket, scarf, coat and gloves. I thought it was overkill when heading out but popped it all in the car just in case as I have learnt to my cost to be prepared for mum hanging about duties. I was so glad I took them - although the session was fairly early at 5-6pm it was freezing as soon as the sun dropped.  Time to drag all the woolies out of the back of the wardrobe.  

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