By PicturePoems

A circular walk

This afternoon we drove to Dartmouth, parking near the Castle. There we walked up through woodland to Gallants Bower, with wonderful views all around us. (My first Extra is looking down on Dartmouth, and includes the Royal Naval College above the town.) We then came downhill and headed south towards Little Dartmouth, then downhill again to follow the higher coastal path back north to where we started: Sugar Green (above Sugar Cove) beside the castle.

The sea was the deepest blue of mid-summer. Hard to believe it's end of September. My second Extra shows the autumnal dropping of sweet chestnuts in the woods, many of which were empty husks. Saw a couple of grey squirrels, so no prizes for guessing who had the nuts. My main blip is from the coastal path. (You can just see the distant daymark that I blipped close-up back in June.)

We walked for about an hour and a quarter, but it felt as if we were on holiday. Simply lovely.

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