It would ...........

 ............ have been my lovely Dad's 96th birthday today (1924 - 2006).

Here he is (age 22), in Folkestone in 1947, with his dad (age 44), my Granda George (1903 - 1976) - I love the fact he's walking barefoot and that they seem to have matching trousers.    

Dad had come back from the Far East at the end of WWII and I imagine that this was a family holiday as they lived in York.

A strong family resemblance - in fact, in the extras, is a side-by-side comparison - Granda would have been around 63 and my Dad around 58 when each of those photos were taken.

Miss you much, Dad and thinking of you especially today.

Received very sad news yesterday that my brother-in-law died at the age of 61.  R.I.P. Gary.
That's now two younger brothers that Himself has lost and his Dad now has to bury another son.

Under these circumstances - no Smile for the Day today.

~ Anni ~

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