David J. Rose

By djrose007

Ruby, how on Earth............

Still don't know how Ruby managed to get over the horse and into the bottom shelf of the tea trolley! I took a few photograph of her today that are Blipworthy but I was in the kitchen when Marlane called me to come quickly with a camera. If she hadn't I might have missed this. She's such a funny little thing.
The other one is Eric enjoying his prune fruit juice packet. He's coming along really well, just 6 months old now. Not too much mess either considering it was I feeding him!
I got up early and drove to Cinderford to pick them both up before 0800 this morning. It's not too bad, the journey is only 35 minutes. Johanna was picking up a rental van to take some stuff to Julia and also come to us on the way back to pick up furniture we had for her.
A funny bit of confusion afterwards when she went home to unload the van and return it to the hire company. She had a 'Click and Collect' booked at Asda supermarket and we thought I was going to take the children home and pick up the shopping on the way.
I pulled into Asda C&C drive through, the chap took the name and was just about to go off and bring it out of the shop when Johanna pulled up behind me. "Dad, what are you doing here" She called. I was quite surprised but it was funny. We transferred the children to her car and I went off home with Jonty. "All's well that ends well" as they say.

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