By Rosemarie55

12°C  -  6 mph SSW Wind Speed  -  7 mph Gusts  -  Cloudy.  Worked in the garden this morning removing some wire-netting fencing; shopped in Lidls; did some more sorting out in kitchen.  Dreading tomorrow’s invasion by plumbers and joiners!  Today’s blip is the old family clock that has sat on the kitchen shelf for years  -  I think originally it was given to the family by the Balnakeilly laird’s wife  -  my father was the Head Gamekeeper there once upon a time.  It’s a mantel clock manufactured by Junghans a German clock-making firm.  Erhard and Xaver Junghans founded the firm in 1861 in Schramberg in the Black Forest, Germany.  The eight-pointed star symbol was set up in 1890  -  you can see that just under the XII time  - so the clock must date from after then.  All Junghans clocks were made from Black Forest wood  -  it's the part of German I've visited many times so it's nice to have it as a reminder:)  It’s not working now, but I might get it fixed one day!

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