A Daily Dose

By suejay50

Lunch stop

On the road today en route to East Sussex.
Stopped for coffee at Stourhead but obviously could not walk the Lake as we'd not booked......aaaaargh  . . . all spontenaity been removed by this Covid nonsense.
Lunch break was a picnic at a motorway station - but very pleasant and this blip is looking up from our table into the blue sky peppered with clouds. A temperature of 15 degrees only but we were well wrapped up. As I am designated driver I was glad of the rest and happy that the journey has been a good one. 
Arrived safely at our destination in time for a late cuppa and a wander around the 'estate' before settling down to a week's rest and relaxation.
Daisy dog (extra) was so good and behaved impeccably the whole trip, bless her. She found this chair with a lovely sheepskin rug on - she will not be sitting on it again esp after we've thrown the ball into the wet grass etc!
I've been told this is my 2500th blip - sorry I was not better prepared but sod's law it arrived on a travelling day.

Apologies also - comments might be a bit few and far between during this break as internet is not that fast!

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