LD 188 Not that far travelled.

The old harrow in the upper part of my photograph has sat by our driveway for a long time.   We found it grown over at the bottom of the garden  shortly after  we first came here and we painted it and set it up, but it is definitely in need of another coat now and perhaps I will get round to it in the winter.  

The name of the maker is very clear and it doesn't take a minute to find quite a lot on the internet about the company.  I feel a bit of affinity with it, being brought up in Ayrshire myself. and did like the examples of sales jingles on one of the web sites that had a rich mine of information.   I am sure that at least one regular visitor to this journal  - TH71_NatureLass - will enjoy it  and its connections anyway....

An old established Firm, well known
As makers of most modern plant
For "up-to-date" farm work, and trade;
Or any other thing you want

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