Nature Watcher

By NatureWatcher

Don't pylon the farmer's work!

This morning was beautifully sunny and F and I went for a local walk which he had made up.  It wasn't as long as many that we've done but hard walking in places due to rough ground, long grass and nettles not to mention a number of tricky stiles.  It was enjoyable though and we saw local places from a different angle.

We passed through a field of very friendly sheep that surrounded us - obviously expecting food that we didn't have.  They were very pretty brown ones with a white flash on the face, white tails and socks.  Google shows that they were Balwen sheep, a Welsh mountain breed.

A row of electricity pylons crossed over one of the fields where we walked and a tractor conveniently appeared on the scene as I was taking a photo.  My extra is facing the other direction, I liked way that the cables and clouds were lined up.

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