One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Remote lovin'

I was correct in assuming that Mr Smith suffers from video conferencing withdrawal symptoms at the weekend. 
I thought I'd organise a quickie with the darling. It was mutually gratifying. 

And a nice slice of banter in a busy, sunny day. 

I climbed a hill that people around here call a mountain, solo, for it is getting harder and harder to herd the kids for a family walk. It is getting harder to herd anyone for a family walk. So I enjoyed this bright, crisp late morning on my energetic own. Climbed down the mountain hill, got back home, grabbed my bike and my swimming shorts and headed to the 40 Foot for a quick dip. 

After the Smithzer Interlude there was the resumption of an unpleasant discussion with Pepe who doesn't just emulate the Orange Ignominy's haircut, he seems to also approve of his policies and political style. 
I am generally the easy going type but I will not have the Orange Ignominy referred to by his (usurped) title and last name. My house, my rules. The only way the creature can be referred to is as the Orange Ignominy. 
When Pepe wanted to put a EUR10 bet with us on the O.I. being re-elected, I vehemently declined. I'll be upset enough as it is I will not need the disaster to be compounded by financial loss. 

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