We went out today.Out!! To meet actual people. Whoop whoop!
We met Mrs C, Mr M, Mr L, Mr R and Mr C at Buscot Park, a National Trust property near Faringdon. It’s more or less halfway between us so a perfect place to meet.
It was weird not being able to hug them to say hello (and seeing Mr M with his striking new blonde highlights!)
At first the Little Misses and the boys didn’t speak, hardly even looked at each other. It’s been almost a year since they’ve seen each other and for the first time ever, didn’t pick up exactly where they left off.
We needn’t have worried! As we got round to the back of the house they discovered a stone staircase on the lawn and spent the next HOUR jumping down it. On their own, in pairs, in a group, over each other. It was fab!! All shyness forgotten. Along with social distancing!!!
Miss E and Mr L loved running and jumping together and a video of them doing it shows the sort of unbelievable, mesmerising synchronisation that Olympic divers would be proud of. They ran, jumped, landed, rolled and stood up in perfect unison. Amazing!!! (Top left picture)
The sight of them all sprawled at the bottom of the steps made me laugh. It was like a flash forward to them all coming in from a big night out!!
Once we’d prised them away we walked down through the Water Gardens which link the house to the lake. I’d struggle to describe them so this is from the website:
Consisting essentially of a chain of stairways, paths, basins and a central canal, the Water Garden is flanked by box hedges, sheltering statues and terracotta jars.
It was beautiful! And of course the children jumped back and forth over over it all non-stop!
We had worried about the forecast which looked pretty ropey with a high chance of showers but we were lucky only getting caught in a couple. We had coats and umbrellas but they were only short lived.
We sheltered under some trees for a bit and teased Mr M about his appreciation for avenues of trees. You can’t beat them apparently!!!
There are avenues of trees everywhere at Buscot and sculptures, beautiful lake and parkland views, an outdoor pool that makes you sick with jealousy, walled gardens, the most beautiful herbaceous beds I can remember seeing, orchards, terracotta warriors, fishponds, fountains, lemon trees, swinging chairs, steps to jumps down, canals to jump over, walls to race down, lawns to have lawn mower races on and slopes to roll down...... Its pretty much the perfect place for a day out.
Apart from the tearoom not being open.
Luckily we’d taken a picnic and a flask of coffee so it wasn’t a complete disaster.
As usual we were the last to leave at 6pm. The lawnmower races had held us up!
Again, no hugs goodbye which was weird. But so so good to get to go to such a fabulous place and see our friends again. A wonderful bit of normality.

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