Kath Gordon

By KathGordon

The crack of dawn

Even on our day off we get up at a ridiculous hour. I noticed the red glow through the bathroom window and sure enough dawn was putting on a show. It did not last long so I was lucky to catch it from the bedroom window. 
The car has been for the annual MOT and service at our local independent garage and everything is fine. They are so friendly and reliable and would never rip anyone off unlike some dealerships I could name. I have been generally pottering around, doing several loads of laundry and attacking a mountain of ironing. I had not had a great night and knew I needed antibiotics. The practice nurse called me and organised it all. She knows me well. The antibiotics have already started to kick in and I feel much better already.
I now need to get on with making a birthday cake for my eldest. I may be spending most of the evening in the kitchen!

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