By Kipsie

In, out, in, out, shake it all about

I went IN the Coop this morning hoping to send a parcel back to Amazon via Hermes .... I came OUT of the Coop with the parcel still about my person. ARGH!!!! Flippin' technology!!! I opened the mail on my phone while in the car so I would'nt look a total idiot in the store. Yep! There was the QR code. Got in the store no idea what I as doing, a very nice man assisted me. I had to do something with the QR code to register the parcel & get the address sticker. Opened the mail, no QR code. How can that be???? I faffed for a moment, the very nice Coop assistant said he would stand back so that I would'nt feel flustered. Did'nt make the slightest bit of difference.
Prior to my IT failure I'd had a very successful 30 minutes up on my allotment. I started cutting the hedge back yesterday. I could do with being about 6" taller .. This morning I felt 6" taller, well I stood on the hedge, & was able to cut the last of the branches. It looks quite tidy now. Next I went to the Coop, grabbed some bits & the paper, dropped them back home then headed out to George & Jean. She had proper jobs for me to do today. I moved mature plants, dug out a poorly performing hydrangea, (currently in the boot of my car), a clump of phlox, ( currently in the boot of my car), & cut back the unruly penstemon. No guesses where they are.... :-) I'm going to be busy on the plot tomorrow morning.
It's always entertaining when I garden there. I'm not sure who gets most out of it. Their park home is unfortunately in close proximity to two huge Oak trees, which are currently shedding their fruits.A bumper year for acorns. I was there 4 hours, could have spent the day there. Plenty to do in the garden this time of year.
Back home late lunch, quick faff in the garden, cut the seed heads off the Echinops ritro. Hubby had just collected my medication from the pharmacy, the paper bag perfect for drying seed.
Right, time to make dinner........... cold meat & bubble 'n squeak.

Thanks to Chantler63 for hosting Mono Monday & setting the challenge In and Out

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