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By steveng

Import Export (MM349)

I spent some of today looking for the information I'll need for the Smart Export Guarantee to reclaim something of the value for any electricity we export from our solar panels.  One of the things I'll need is a photograph of the meter so whoever we make an agreement with can see there is a way of measuring what is exported to the network.   To keep things simple we'll probably start off with EoN as they installed the system, so it ought to meet their requirements.

The keen eyed will no doubt realise that the meter reference and bar code have a degree of duplication, so I'll have to be sure to send off the correct photo with the forms :-)

Edit: I'm not entirely sure this is the correct meter, the 35kWh is the total generated by the system so far, so I can't see how this meter would be able to differentiate between imported from the grid and exported to it?
Edit2: exported energy is shown on the smart meter in the outside enclosure ... but not on the display inside the house, rhetorical question, is that smart?

Thanks to Chantler63 for hosting Mono Monday on the theme of in/out

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