By Ridgeback13


Dithered around a bit in the morning not sure whether to stay another night or head home today - things are clearly very fractious back at the ranch with the students having been put in a form of targeted lockdown which seems unfair and more punitive than required.
Eventually decided to go today, so whilst Mt&H and the kids went to the Dinosaur park for some light relief I met up with A, T&Kt for lunch at a Turkish restaurant (not as good as the meal I had with K&D a few days ago in Edinburgh).
Afterwards I went round to say goodbye to the little ones, and to the house itself which first became my home in 2005 and was a sanctuary and a place full of happy memories for me in the time since then, during which each of my kids has lived there for a chunk of time, either with me or their partners. We're really going to miss the 'hub house' as A calls it, although I suspect A and I are the main ones feeling so nostalgic about it. She and I went round saying goodbye to each room and remembering what had happened in them, how they'd been decorated and what we liked and would remember about it (extra - with Mt holding a blackberry and apple crumble that K had just dropped round to them for dinner!).
I'd taken down this dress that my friend S had made for A when she was bridesmaid for my brother and sister in law L&M 24 years ago, and we let AR try it on. As she said, it's "a bit brown and white - it would be nice to have brighter colours and sparkles on", but she politely twirled and jumped around in it for the photos anyway.
Headed home, listening to Bernadine Evaristo's novel Mr Loverman all the way - enjoying it.  

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