By seizetheday

Nature takes over

Her last day in Northumberland for a while - possibly quite a long while - and Lucy suggested a day in the hills. So we had a circular walk from Biddlestone, not up any high hills, but with some good views for much of the way. Most of the ‘footpaths’ along our route are so rarely walked as to be nonexistent, and these days I find slogging steeply uphill through tussocky grass and bracken far too exhausting to be enjoyable.

Overcast and chilly for most of the day, the sun put in an appearance as we approached Old Rookland farmhouse. Once an imposing building, it lies in ruins, with a tree growing through the remains of the roof. An easy track from there down to the road, but at the very end it passes through a field with two signs on the gate - “Footpath” and “Bull in field”. Fortunately, the bull was non-existent!
All in all, a good day out!

Back to the flat for one of MrM’s curries, and a relaxing evening.

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