a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Here's looking at you kid...

Tiny Tuesday: Here's looking at you kid

Brentastic and Sarahsnaphappy popped over this morning to return one or two bits and pieces they had been borrowing during their stay and also to leave a garden bench with us for a while.  We had a pleasant coffee and, once they had gone, I sat down on the bench in the sunshine to try it out,  and very nice it was too.  Perhaps they won't want it back ...

As I was sitting there, enjoying the warmth and making a list of things I needed to buy from the supermarket, the male Southern Migrant Hawker photographed last week returned, as if on cue.  

No sooner had I got the camera out and taken a few shots of him, than a hawk moth arrived and started feeding on nectar in some of the rockery flowers.  As I had blipped a shot of the dragonfly recently I decided to concentrate on the hawk moth as my Tiny Tuesday subject, but before I managed even one shot of him the dragonfly decided that he was lunch ... and eat him. I was quite surprised, given the size of the moth, but the dragonfly grabbed it and flew off with it firmly clamped in its jaws.  Unfortunately, I was so busy being surprised that I didn't get a shot of it.

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