By MerrilHope

Oh Istanbul #2

A tiring and thought provoking day mostly spent viewing apartments as I seriously ponder the next phase if my life. Being in Istanbul always means walking and I have missed this in the last three months . 9,500 steps yesterday and 9,600 today. The photo is the panoramic view of Istanbul old and new, from one of the apartments I saw, and whilst I didn't care much for the property, the view is fairly high on the wow-o-meter. But then, so very much of this extraordinary city that I've called home for so many years is, just well, wow, which of course is why I am back to visit. The estate agent was very helpful throughout our 5+ hours touring Istanbul together, and I have much to think about.

An evening spent on college campus with Caitlin, gossip catch up with her and others. Also met the couple who now live in my old apartment. So glad these folk have taken on the three campus cats I always looked after - Ferda, Persembe and JD's cat.

Autumn is much more prevalent here than in Didim and I borrowed a fleece from Caitlin when going back to the hotel. At least it was dry and sunny today. Very tired, but in a good way.

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