Scoots, Shoots & Leaves

By TerriG

The times they are a'changing

We used to call them head shops. They were semi-underground, masquerading as jewelry stores or tie-dye shops with the pipes and bongs behind the counter or in a back room. In some states it was illegal to sell drug paraphernalia (and may still be in places).

But now that medical marijuana is legal in Oregon, shops like The Third Eye on Hawthorne (my One Street) don't have to be so discreet. (One day soon I'll blip one of the marijuana dispensaries we have in the 'hood - something I thought I'd never see except on Weeds.) According to their website, the Third Eye Shoppe was started in 1987 by Jack Herer, the founder of the modern hemp movement and father to current owner, Mark Herer. Known as Portland's Premier Hippie/Grateful Dead Store, we have been Portland's #1 counterculture destination since we opened 25 years ago. Specializing in locally made glass pipes and smoking devices of all kinds, we have tons of jewelry and gems in all shapes and sizes. We have everything from functional glass art, pipes, hookas, water-pipes, oil-rigs, dab and smoking accessories, tobacco, bumperstickers, books, clothing, crystals, gems, incense, one of a kind t-shirts and hoodies, gifts and more. Next time you are in need, make sure you check in with The Third Eye Shoppe. Their motto: We smoke the competition.

I love the mural on their gable depicting men of peace - though I have to wonder where the women are - and a colorful dragon entwined with a peace sign. It's easy to drive or scoot right by it without realizing what a work of art it is. The whole building is impressive, including the door which is like walking inside a tree. View in large for more detail.

I'm unable to physically join the masses taking part in One Billion Rising today, but I'm there in spirit and watching videos from around the world - so inspiring and hopeful! I'm looking forward to Kendall's photos from the Portland event; Ann has been posting faithfully from Norwich for weeks. I hope others will tag their photos (one billion rising) so we can see them all together! Rise up, my sisters! and brothers!

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