One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

The New Normal

Let's face, it could be a good while before I can have tea in person in Edinburgh with Her Ladyship. 
And since our last conversation was cut short by a pesky work meeting I thought that today would be a good chance to catch up for round 2. 
Ladyfindhorn can surf effortlessly across platforms, devices and operating systems. In less than 35 seconds she was "live" online in a system new to her. 
It was good to catch up, as always. She even saw and heard Finn for 45 second, on his way back from school, in the very small window of opportunity between his raiding of the fridge and going online for some Fortnite slaughter with his mates. He was too shy to do his Scottish accent though and stuck to his native Dublin flavour. 
Today was another day of working from home, mostly sorting out PET CT scanner headaches. I am juggling a lot of different balls on that one. 

The lunchtime swim brought its usual load of goodness. The sea smelled particularly sea-ey today. I couldn't help but reflect on how lucky I am as I cycled back home, inhaling its soft iodised breeze. 

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